Workplace Pensions

Since the Government introduced pension auto-enrolment in October 2012, contributory qualifying workplace pension schemes are compulsory for all employers. The decision is no longer whether you will offer a workplace pension, but how you will structure the arrangements and which pension provider you will work with.

With the vast range of pension schemes on offer, combined with the challenges of complying with legislation, it is vital to regularly review the pension arrangements you have in place for your employees. This is particularly important with the introduction of auto-enrolment and the on-going changes to workplace pension legislation.

Pension Benefit Solutions

We provide independent consultancy services to employers and trustees of both defined benefit (final salary) and defined contribution (money purchase) pension schemes. We advise clients on the best schemes for them, help with communicating the benefits of the scheme you provide and ensure that you maximise those benefits in a tax-efficient manner, such as a salary exchange.

The schemes we advise on include:

  • Occupational pension schemes group contracted-in money purchase schemes (CIMPs)
  • Group personal pension plans (GPPs)
  • Group stakeholder pension plans
  • Executive pension plans (EPPs)
  • Self-invested pension plans (SIPPs)